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When it comes to marching fundamentals, I get picky. I used to refer to myself as the “Posture Nazi,” always so critical of a person’s posture on the field that I would actually get angry, and a little fundamentalist, pardon the pun. I learned that, when you stand at attention, you should raise off your […]



It’s marching season, as many of you probably know, and because I am in public schools, it’s also fundraising time. It’s always fundraising time. Anyway, a big fundraiser that a lot of schools do around here is the “March-a-thon.” Digging around on the internet, I find that its not that uncommon of a thing, but […]

My cousin is in high school, plays on the drumline. He’s pretty good, considering he took drum set lessons since he was 8 and matched it with his natural talent. Granted, tennis is more his bag, but he likes marching band, so how bad can it all be? Anyway, he just started on the tenor […]