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breathing gym


I’ve not ever seen the Breathing Gym videos, but I have done a few of the exercises, and I’ve got to start using them with my flutes. Since a major thing that flutes must learn in their first year is how to conserve air over time, I need to start collecting the resources to prepare […]

I often joke that musicians don’t have to count any higher than 4. We have 4/4 time, 3/4 time, 6/8 time (which is just two groups of three) and even more complex examples like 5/4 (which is really 2+3 or 3+2). Never have I encountered a meter were counting to higher than 4 was necessary. […]



While my first year was mostly a learning experience disguised as a disaster, this year has been more invigorating and enjoyable. I come home happy most days so far, and feel ready to go the next day, for the most part. Last night is one example, where I had been at school from 7am to […]

the slide


When it comes to marching fundamentals, I get picky. I used to refer to myself as the “Posture Nazi,” always so critical of a person’s posture on the field that I would actually get angry, and a little fundamentalist, pardon the pun. I learned that, when you stand at attention, you should raise off your […]



It’s marching season, as many of you probably know, and because I am in public schools, it’s also fundraising time. It’s always fundraising time. Anyway, a big fundraiser that a lot of schools do around here is the “March-a-thon.” Digging around on the internet, I find that its not that uncommon of a thing, but […]

I am teaching beginner flutes today, and had come to a point in the lesson where I wondered if what I was teaching them was correct: 1. Think and say “pooh.” (of course, this always gets giggles) 2. Make the aperture as small as possible. 3. Make the aperture round. 4. Keep everything centered in […]

The high school had afternoon sectionals today. Tuesdays are for brass. I decided it would be fun and probably smart to pull out a euphonium and noodle along as best I could. I’m not a low brass player by any means, but I can get a decent tone on euphonium when i need to. The […]