breathing gym


I’ve not ever seen the Breathing Gym videos, but I have done a few of the exercises, and I’ve got to start using them with my flutes. Since a major thing that flutes must learn in their first year is how to conserve air over time, I need to start collecting the resources to prepare them.

The students’ embouchures are getting better, and I think my own is improving as well. I think I may have figured out how keeping the face relaxed is important in tone production, though it isn’t consistent from register to register. It will take time, but I sound much better now than I did, and I know what I’ve been reading is going to help.


2 Responses to “breathing gym”

  1. 1 Glenda

    OMG…The Breathing Gym is the greatest thing ever! When I went to grad school (ABC- American Band College in Ashland, Oregon), Patrick Sheridan and Sam Pilafian were there a few different times. I really don’t think I could appreciate The Breathing Gym without having learned the techniques from them. I took a two-day seminar all on The Breathing Gym, and we spent most of the time learning and doing the exercises. If you could see what these guys could do your jaw would hit the floor. Simply amazing. I highly, highly recommend it. Pat and Sam also are very good about answering emails, so if you have any questions you could easily ask them.

  2. Go Breathing Gym! I teach in a smallish rehearsal room, with low ceilings. My students learn every day to make a small sound, and then are shocked when we get into the auditorium a week before the concert to find that they don’t fill the performance space like they did the classroom. The more breathing exercises we do in class, the better prepared they are for the switch to the big space. I am seriously considering adding the Breathing Gym to my school’s Band curriculum.

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