One of my biggest obstacles in my first year was controlling my temper and keeping patient with my students. I got better as the year went along. In fact, by the time May rolled around, I was not threatening to send my kids to the office and I wasn’t having to bite my tongue so often.

Today, though I suffered a headache, I did a pretty good job of keeping my patience and keeping my voice down with my second saxophone class. I’m being very particular about talking in class: I want none of it. My first saxophone class is chatty, but its more excitement than anything else. They do stop when asked. This second class is more chatty and its more idle conversation and laughter. Today was the third time I had them put up their horns and sit there quietly. I tried not to lecture them as much, but I was not in the mood to put up with them, and they were getting carried away. I tell myself, my flute class isn’t like this…

Classroom Management 101 mentions that patience is something one needs in vast supply, and I agree. I am much better with this, especially regarding learning new concepts. I could be better, because a squawking mouthpiece still sets my nerves on edge. I know what they are doing is hard, but I’m not freaking out just yet.

That said, if I can get my patience with high school students, I might be worth keeping around after all.


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