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It has been a stressful day in the life of an assistant band director. I am wandering the marching field feeling most incompetent. I also work with a top junior high band where the director wants me to do everything to help, but won’t tell me what he needs, and won’t let me have a routine in his class. This is my turmoil at this point, trying to decide how to effectively, and affectively, assist. What good is helping out with an ensemble if I am doing no good.

However, I promised myself that I would not let this blog turn into ramblings, so I have to include some helpful info for myself and others…Okay, no links this time, other than the mention of a TBA clinic about how to be more effective. So, I’ll table this one for now. Any comments and suggestions are more than welcome. I’ll add them to the body of the post when they are offered.


One Response to “effective assisting”

  1. I just came off of a gig where I was the assistant band director. I was in a different situation where I actually worked at that school and in the classroom with the head director, but I still had a lot of the same feelings that you have brought forth. It’s tough to establish credibility with students when you don’t have a role that is consistent. Even if you’re wandering the field doing the posture thing, make that “your thing”. Don’t be afraid to jump in and say things when they need said as it relates to drill or and music. Do your best to understand the vision the head director has for the show, the rehearsal, or the set and try to build on that. Even if the other director doesn’t like the what you say, at least then you’ll have an excuse and reason for good communication to happen between you to clarify your role more specifically. You’ll get used to each other and it will get better.

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