This boy comes into the band hall, he’s signed up for band, and we try him out a lot of different mouthpieces.

Saxophone: with little effort, he makes a good tone, not too far off pitch.
Clarinet: even less effort, good strong sound.
Flute: not bad. Definitely workable.
Trumpet: not bad, could be great with work.
Trombone: not a problem.
Tuba: like a pro.

He has also tried out for percussion, but he really didn’t have the coordination necessary. But the good news was that he was gonna be able to play whatever else he could possibly want to play! That made me pretty happy, really energized. The Percussion Director and I told him he could play whatever he wanted, and we’re excited to see what he’ll pick. Now I have two really good reasons to join band.

1) Because you want to be good at music.
2) Because you were born to play an instrument.


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