the best reason to join band


The last three days, I’ve spent a good majority of the day getting our kids fitted for instruments. It’s something I’ve only done once, and I definitely need some practice for some of these instruments. I’m decent at gauging who can play what, but getting them to do the things they need to do to make a good sound on the first try is difficult, sure, but I don’t know if I’m doing it right.

Primarily, I have a hard time with flute because I didn’t have a very good time learning it. I have a teardrop in my upper lip, so it’s been a struggle. Anyway, when I ask a student to do make the embouchure, I don’t really know if I’m asking them the right thing. Suggestions are welcome.

These are comments from two students I tried out today:

“I really don’t care what instrument I play. I just want to be good at music.”
“It doesn’t bother me that I’ll be the only boy playing flute. I want to be really good, and have a good experience.”

Sixth graders! What better attitude about band can you ask for? Two students who genuinely want to learn something, and are conscious of the fact. One is built for clarinet, and will likely do well considering that he plays guitar. The other is only so-so on flute at first, but his determination my outlive my patience. I’m very excited for these students.


3 Responses to “the best reason to join band”

  1. 1 Sesto

    ok, so here is a way to get a flute embouchure for a beginner not really knowing how to play. the way i was told to think about the lip shape ask the student to blow a bubble like blowing bubbles. then ask if they can change the direction of the air stream. i do not know is a proper way to do it, but i hear it works.

  2. A technique I have had success with beginner flute students is asking them to put their lips together like they normally would….no smile, and no pout. Then, I just ask them to blow out through the center of their lips gently, just like if they were saying “Pooh.” This makes them laugh, too. What? Fun in band?

  1. 1 flute embouchure, continued « Down Press Up

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